We create IT professionals

Launched in 1994, Rolla Computer Institute continues to be one of UAE's leading institutions of education in Information Technology. ROLLA is focused on creating versatile IT professionals who can apply their knowledge & skills anywhere in the world.


Rolla is a friendly, informal, vibrant community of learners. Our students come from different backgrounds. They speak different languages. They have the opportunity to network, swap ideas, tinker & evolve concepts.

Quality education

Rolla is a center of learning recognized for its high quality education. We offer Computer Course and Spoken English/Arabic, UAE's largest & most renowned Institute. Our learning systems integrate mastery of fundamentals with across-domain competencies.

Our Mission:

To be the leading and most sought after institute of education & research in emerging engineering and technology disciplines that attracts, retains and sustains gifted individuals of significant potential.

A Short-term plan & A long-term benefit

In this economic downturn, if not financially fit it is not advisable to go for a long term course. Usually such courses require 3 to 5 years, more than 100,000AED in spending, lot of examination and efforts and sometimes emotional separation or repatriation. In case of IT by the time one completes academic based graduation 90% of the technology becomes obsolete. It is time to think out of traditional education plan and obtain a qualification in short-time which is relevant and demanding  in the market.  Get a job, generate income early, get valuable experience and study further if required with the income generated.
interested to become a System Engineer?
**Students will have to pass the relevant examination from the vendor to obtain the certificate.
*The certificate thus obtained can be attested
*students can attend the examination at their convenience of time and place
Special offers

cupon microsoft
Recent News
Free IT Seminar about Higher education in Information Technolgy on Thursday 8pm in Sharjah and Friday 5 pm in BurDubai
Become a System Engineer in Just 6 months of time
1. 50% less on course fee
2. Package offer for H/W, CCNA & MCSE
3. No Academic Qualification Required
Join Graphics Designing and Get 10% Discount

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