::Admin form:: Ramzan offer: Buy Pc or Laptop and get 10% discount on it..
Laptops & PCs
Model Name: ::Admin form:: Acer
Old price: 2500 Dhs.
Offer Price: 2200 Dhs.
Specification: 2 gb
Model Name: ::Admin form:: Lg
Old price: 2700 Dhs.
Offer Price: 2200 Dhs.
Specification: 2 gb ram
Model Name: ::Admin form:: Tech-com Lcd
Old price: 400 Dhs
Offer Price: 320
Specification: Hd
Model Name: ::Admin form:: e-machine
Old price: 3500 Dhs.
Offer Price: 2800 Dhs.
Specification: 3gb
Other Accessories
Model Name: ::Admin form:: Kaspersky Antivirus
Old price: 100 Dhs.
Offer Price: 85 Dhs.
Specification: Fast,
Model Name: ::Admin form:: Alpha
Old price: 120 Dhs.
Offer Price: 100 Dhs.
Specification: wifi
Recent News
Free IT Seminar about Higher educations in Information Technology Starts from 15 April 2016 on wards.
Registration open.
Locations: Sharjah Rolla
Ajman Near Royal Cinema
BurDubai : Bank Street
New batches starting for:
SAP FICO on 06/05/2016
MCSE 2012 on 06/05/2016
Project Management by using Primavera 06/05/2016

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